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  1. This is the guide for the coins on PandoraPS! This Is a Pandora Coin, It represents 1 billion regular GP. This is the main currency in game. Example of places it will be used in - POS Paying players for different items Upgrading items An example of how to use the coins when dealing with buying/selling to players Player Null yells "Selling Wyrm pieces 100k each" This would mean the player is looking to sell these for 100k Pandora Coins which would be how you would pay the player. Future development of the Pandora Coin! Over a couple of months I will be implementing three different coins which will represent 1 Pandora Coin, 1k Pandora Coins and 1M Pandora Coins, however a separate guide will be made for that when they come out! Any further questions or query's regarding this please feel free to contact a staff member for more clarification!
  2. The Current staff team are as followed Owner - Vinny Co-Owner - Sharky4014 Community Manager - Kofita Administrator - Spartacus Administrator - Oenomaus Moderator - Ironfist
  3. Quick update - Im going to be inactive here and there for the next 48 hours, I'll be able to respond to messages etc but I will not be pushing updates. Have a good weekend - Here is what i've done today - -Got a launcher for the server - This is only a temporary one until I get mine fully functional -Added Stats to the beguinner armour set -Added the Beguinner set to all the game modes -Added all the shops to the home area -Added shops, chests and alters commands to move quicker -Added the chests - raids portal, minigame portal, alters, banks to the home area -Fixed up the pet interface 90% done -Fixed an issue with the home maps set tile flags. -Changed the Pandora Baron map - Commands is now ::pbzone -Made the new gamblezone map - adding everything which is needed -Added 2 new sets into the game -Added the wyrm mystery box with all the normal wyrm pieces - added to store also.
  4. Updates - 06/03 -Sorting out a new launcher -Added a new teleport interface - Replaced Game Mode Sprites -Added a PRI fix for model ids -Changed the upgrade machine to a new one (looks better and has better features) -Changed the attack styles on some weapons to make them work the correct skill -Added 5 new sets to the games as well as 11 new weapons (this is just a start) -Added Pokemon battles as a new way to gamble / get points to use at the store -Added new Raids which has a interface and much better system -Added discord rich presence -Added discord server sided bot (will annouce punishments and rare drops) -Added a new POS interface which is much nicer to look at than the old one. -Added a new teleport interface which is brand new never seen before! -Fixed alot of broken commands -Added alot of npcs into the game with full NPC drop tables -Started adding stats to all the armours and weapons -Fixed an issue with bonus acting strange -Fixed an issue with the pet interface - now when you use a scroll it unlocks the pet in the interface -Fixed the gamble with packet handler so now you can use it only at the gamblezone. -Added restrictions to gambling so you need 150 hours as well as Pandora Earl rank. -Fixed the Unjail and Jail commands. -Added a command for UnIPmute and Unipban so you dont need to reset the server in order to unpunish people. -Added NPCs to trainning again as had some bug with it. -Fixed a issue with attacking NPCs would cause a error -Fixed all null items in the starter -Added a boss script for bob-omb -Added a boss script for bardock -Added bardock to the server (npc, armour set) -Definatly loads more but im slack and just wrote this. -Decided to put all the wyrm pieces into two boxes. The normal wyrm pieces will be in the wyrm mystery box and the flashing ones will be in the flashing Wyrm box (both on the store)
  5. This is a guide for the Wyrm Flashing Rainbow Set! WARNING - THIS JOURNEY IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! Ways to obtain the pieces: Wyrm / Flashing Wyrm Boxes Via the store (15$ for the normal or 45$ for a flashing piece) Fighting the Wyrm boss at ::Wyrmzone or using the teleport interface (They drop 1 box 1/500 and 2-3 boxes 1/1000) Trivia Shop (300 Points) Voting shop (300 Points) How does it work? You need three pieces of a certain colored Wyrm piece - For example; If you would like to get the Purple flashing Wyrm Helm, you would need the Pink Helm, Purple helm, and Dark Purple Helm as shown below. All of the pieces have the upgrade option so click that and it will turn it into the flashing Wyrm piece. Congratulations on completing and getting your first piece, only 23 more flashing Wyrm pieces left until you can get the Rainbow flashing pieces! How do the Rainbow Pieces work? In order to upgrade the flashing Wyrm pieces to the Rainbow Wyrm Pieces its exactly the same as the other method. So an example would be, we are wanting the Rainbow Wyrm Helm, so we would need the Purple Flashing Helm, Red Flashing Helm, Blue Flashing Helm and finally the Green Flashing Helm as shown below. PLEASE NOTE: These items are trad-able between all players (Other than Iron-men), So trade as much as you like! The stats on the solid color Wyrm pieces are all the same The stats on the flashing Wyrm pieces will be an upgrade of the solid colored ones The Rainbow Wyrm pieces will be neck to neck with other BIS armors and this will be hybrid. ENJOY THE GRIND AND GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  6. This is a guide to the trivia questions. Trivia is a really good system with promising rewards for those who can type and answer the questions first! Trivia guide Question - What mini-game has teams with Zamorak and Saradomin? Answer - castle wars Question - What Armour is before promethium? Answer - Gorgonite Question - What boss drops regular Torva? Answer - Nex Question - How many letters are in PandoraPS? Answer - 9 Question - Who is the Community Manager of PandoraPS? Answer - Kofita Question - Who is Co-Owner of PandoraPS? Answer - Sharky4014 Question - How much ammo do ranged weapons use? Answer - infinite Question - Name the world's largest ocean? Answer - Pacific Question - Who played Neo in The Matrix? Answer - Keanu Reeves Question - How many Boss Points is a Collector Necklace? Answer - 1500 Question - Who is the Founder of this server? Answer - Vinny Question - Who is the Discord Manager? Answer - Atlas Question - How many sites can you vote on to receive vote points? Answer - 6 Question - What is the command to get to our gambling zone? Answer - ::gamble Question - In this skill you make bows and arrows, what skill is it? Answer - Fletching Question - Who is the founder of Apple Company? Answer - Steve Jobs Question - Which is the largest planet of the Solar System? Answer - Jupiter Question - Mc Donald’s is the fast-food company founded in? Answer - 1940 Question - Who is the lead actress of Hunger Games? Answer - Jennifer Lawrence Question - Where is Stonehenge located? Answer - England Good luck trivia heads!
  7. Welcome to Pandora. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. Welcome to Pandora. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. Welcome to Pandora. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.