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PandoraPS Coin Guide

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This is the guide for the coins on PandoraPS!



This Is a Pandora Coin, It represents 1 billion regular GP. This is the main currency in game.


Example of places it will be used in  -

  • POS
  • Paying players for different items
  • Upgrading items


An example of how to use the coins when dealing with buying/selling to players


Player Null yells "Selling Wyrm pieces 100k each"

This would mean the player is looking to sell these for 100k Pandora Coins which would be how you would pay the player.

Future development of the Pandora Coin!

Over a couple of months I will be implementing three different coins which will represent 1 Pandora Coin, 1k Pandora Coins and 1M Pandora Coins, however a separate guide will be made for that when they come out!


Any further questions or query's regarding this please feel free to contact a staff member for more clarification!

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