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Update 28/02

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Quick update - Im going to be inactive here and there for the next 48 hours, I'll be able to respond to messages etc but I will not be pushing updates. Have a good weekend - Here is what i've done today -

-Got a launcher for the server

- This is only a temporary one until I get mine fully functional

-Added Stats to the beguinner armour set

-Added the Beguinner set to all the game modes

-Added all the shops to the home area

-Added shops, chests and alters commands to move quicker

-Added the chests

- raids portal, minigame portal, alters, banks to the home area

-Fixed up the pet interface 90% done

-Fixed an issue with the home maps set tile flags.

-Changed the Pandora Baron map

- Commands is now ::pbzone

-Made the new gamblezone map

- adding everything which is needed

-Added 2 new sets into the game

-Added the wyrm mystery box with all the normal wyrm pieces - added to store also.

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